Who should purchase MajorMedia Placement?

 Any business owner who wants to establish authority, credibility and trust for their business is the ideal candidate for MajorMedia Placement.  Authors, public speakers, coaches, doctors, dentists, small business owners can all benefit from this added authority.


What information is needed for Major Media Placement?

 Upon receipt of payment, you will be directed to complete our Media Citations Intake Form requesting information for your media submission – your name, email address, telephone number, website URL, as well as the quote for your citation.  Your quote is limited to 300 characters, which is best used to describe your business or service.

What guarantee do you offer?

 We guarantee that your citation will appear on at least four (4) media websites within 30 days, or your money back.  We will provide you with screenshots of your media citations, as well as the links to your quotes as proof of submission.


How will I know that my media citation has appeared on the media networks?

You will be notified immediately upon verification of your media citation submission.  We will email you screenshots of your media citation, as well as the direct links. Please note:  The direct links to your media citation will be archived after a certain period of time, and they will no longer be “live.”  However, once you’re cited on the media networks, you can continue to use the “As Seen On” media logos.

Will my media citation appear on the national websites for the major media?

No. The quotes will be on local affiliate websites for the major media. You are still able to use the “As Seen On” text and logos when you’ve been cited on the local affiliate websites.

Will my media citation appear on the local network websites in my area?

No, we choose the websites that they appear on. They do not need to be in your city. Remember, the value is not from the quotes being seen on the websites by your potential customers. The value is in being cited, and then being able to use the logos on all your marketing.

Can I add the link to my media citations on my website?

We don’t recommend that you add the links to your media citations on your website or marketing materials.  After a certain period of time, the links to your media citations will be archived, so they won’t be “live” forever.  The value of your media citations is in the authority and the use of the “As Seen On” media logos in your marketing.

Will I get traffic and/or backlinks from my media citation?


The primary benefits of your media citation are two-fold – positioning yourself as an authority as well as converting potential clients into paying customers.  This strategy is not designed for traffic-generation or backlinks.  The citation is the stepping stone to getting big media features and interviews – it overcomes the “Catch 22″ and helps you break into the media “inner circle.”

What type of image is required for the profile photo?

Your profile photo should be a 500 x 500 px image, 72 dpi, in either JPG or PNG format.  Once the media logos have been added, we will return it to you as a 500 x 500 JPG image.