What Do People Find When They look You Up On Google?

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How Authority Marketing
Can Help Your Business




Who Needs Authority?

Anyone who wants to be recognized as a top professional in their field.  Most Professionals, Business owners, Authors, Coaches and Consultants that depend on getting and keeping clients are the ideal candidates for Major Media Placement. It doesn’t matter what product or service you offer – if you depend on getting clients and making sales to stay in business, then you need to show the world your expertise. Don't think you are an expert? Most unkown experts do not consider themselves experts... Get your free 30 min.  brainstorming seesion above and find out.


 6_editedStand Out From Your Competition

When you are cited, and you are quoted in the major media, you’re immediately perceived as a trusted authority, a thought leader and established expert in your industry. The next time a prospective client searches for your product or service, they will find other people talking about you. Let the other guy talk about himself, (we know how well that works).


4_edited Create Trust Triggers

Imagine the benefit of using the logos from the media outlets you have been fetured in on your websites, your social media sites, your business cards and in a all of your marketing. The minute you do this, you tap into the powerful psychology of authority. Using these logos in a tasteful manor can work as trust triggers. Prospects feel more comfortable working with a person or business that has associated themselves with brands they already trust.


22_Depositphotos_300Charge Higher Fees

When you are an expert it is natural that you get paid top dollar for your services. Having this authority reinforces your expertise.  People are willing to pay more when they know they are getting the best. What would a modest 15-20% added to your yearly income look like? Building this kind of authority can push you far beyond that. The best part is, this authority works for you month after month-Year after year.


16_edited Get Media Attention

Open any newspaper or scan any news blog and you’ll see references to experts up and down the page. They are essential to media. When reporters develop a story, they need quotations, opinions, facts, and findings from people who know the topic better than anyone else, so they turn to experts. Having media exposure will open doors to other media opportunities that will build even more authority.

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Media authority is something every business and professional should have.  It helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiates yourself as an expert in your field.